about ebadore 

young married couple specializing in developing custom websites.

Hannah & Neil take a modern approach to web development. Utilizing the most advanced technologies and ideas to bring you elegant & professional websites.

Hannah Sanders

Hannah Sanders is our Branding Specialist and Project Organizer. Hannah developed a passion for branding when she discovered the color wheel. When she’s not coming up with the next big brand, she’s concentrating on new theme ideas, and color schemes. She enjoys traveling with her husband, Neil Sanders, and their dog Theodore.

Neil Sanders

Neil Sanders is our website designer/developer. He puts ideas to webpage, and creates beautiful websites. With 3 years of experience in web development, he’s sure to have your website represent your brand in the best way possible.

Theodore Sanders

Theodore Sanders is our Chief of Fluffy Relations. He’s our newest, youngest, and fluffiest member. His goal is to keep websites full of love, and our feet warm under the desk.¬†

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